Case Study

Manager Development at a Care Home

Manager Development at a Care Home

We recently helped a manager within the care industry to enable them to coach and develop their own staff on an ongoing basis.

The background

Karen Handley is a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) in a high-end care home, whose main responsibilities include the sales and marketing of rooms to self-funding clients. Karen was interested in self-development and also wanted to develop others within her organisation. Karen regularly trains the new CRMs in the business and, in many respects, ‘coaches’ families into recognising when their loved ones need care, which often involves helping people to overcome any natural feelings of guilt.

“After more years than I care to admit to without further education I started my ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring with Ann. I was initially extremely apprehensive about my ability to complete this and convinced that I would be totally out of my depth. However, Ann’s style of all inclusive ‘teaching’ and passion in her subject meant those worries were wiped away within minutes of starting my first session which was stimulating, thought provoking, and gave me a new found confidence in my ability to achieve this qualification.”

The challenges

Within Karen’s organisation, as coaching was not a fundamental part of the business, one of the challenges was finding people to coach. However, through her own training and development, Karen hopes to change that attitude. By identifying individuals within the business who wish to develop themselves, Karen is now coaching team members and encouraging them to talk about the benefits they gain from their coaching development to others.

“With each session I attended I loved everything I learnt and surprised myself with how I translated those learnings into practical coaching sessions. I was going through a very challenging time in my current role and workplace at the time I started studying, but Ann’s encouragement gave me self-belief and without a doubt I would have left my position if it hadn’t been for her positivity in me and my abilities. I also have a new found faith in myself to bring the skills she has helped me develop into my business to help the people in it also develop themselves.”

The results

Karen is now coaching people within the business; team members are now better able to think for themselves and they have become more solution focused. Karen’s own coaching and development has proved to be a significant benefit to the organisation overall.

“I cannot thank Ann enough for introducing me to the wonderful world of Coaching & Mentoring and developing those skills in me, which I can now go on and introduce to others.”

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