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We have been successfully helping leaders in industry for many years to enhance their leadership styles and to develop valuable skill sets. Whether you’re new to your leadership role or you want to become a better leader, we can deliver a variety of workshops to reflect your individual needs. We can also work with you on a one-to-one, confidential basis, giving you access to a dedicated coach who will support you with your self-development.

  1. Learn how to build high performing teams
  2. Discover ways to deliver effective feedback
  3. Learn how to manage difficult conversations
  4. Enhance Performance Management
  5. Discover powerful presentation skills
  6. Master and Manage Change
  7. Develop Executive Teams
  8. Psychometric Analysis, e.g. MBTI

We understand the time pressures faced by leaders, which is why all our workshops are very flexible and can be delivered to suit your timeframe.

Interested in developing your leadership style?

ILM Professional Qualifications

The Institute of Leadership and Management is Europe’s foremost awarding body for leadership and management qualifications. If you’re looking to attain ILM qualifications, we are a fully accredited, award-winning ILM Centre. As a result of our exceptional high standards of work and delivery, we have been awarded Direct Claims Status, which means we have the authority to mark and assess all work in-house.

Benefits of ILM training

  • Grow your own talent in-house, reducing the need to recruit externally
  • Increase your productivity by becoming more proactive
  • Gain a greater understanding of the role of leadershi
  • Challenge with confidence
  • Become future-ready

ILM’s auditing and monitoring processes ensure that learners receive relevant, internationally recognised qualifications supported by quality, up-to-date materials, delivered by professionally-competent accredited trainers.

We offer a select range of the highest quality ILM programmes that can be customised to your business needs:

[ILM Level 5 Coaching & Mentoring]
ILM Level 3 Coaching & Mentoring]
[ILM Level 5 Award Leadership & Management]
[ILM Level 3 Award Leadership & Management]

Interested in ILM professional qualifications?

One-to-One Coaching

We offer coaching on a one-to-one basis to help you develop your career or business. We act as your impartial sounding board to help you make clearer business decisions. If you have certain ‘blocks’ or stresses relating to your business, we will work through these together, overcoming any obstacles. Working with a dedicated coach, you will discover practical tools and gain vital insights to help you move forward in your business or career.

Interested in one-to-one coaching?

Coaching Programme (Group)

We believe that coaching should be accessible to everyone. Our aim is to give everyone the opportunity to focus on their self-development. We offer flexible, interactive coaching sessions to business owners, employees and managers. Our coaching programme enables you to gain valuable insights, knowledge and practical skills through high-quality content, which you can instantly apply to your daily working practice. Coaching sessions can be tailored towards a qualification in coaching and development.

Structured as group coaching sessions, you will have the opportunity to meet other likeminded people with similar pressures and challenges. Attendees will have the benefit of sharing learnings and insights with people from different company cultures.

“I am proud to say I have worked with Ann for many years. Her ability to inspire a diverse group of people, generate curiosity and excitement to learn, and then deliver results that matter to the individual and the business is in my eyes what makes her so special.”

Clare Charity, Group Learning and Development Manager

If you are unable to gain sponsorship for our coaching sessions through your workplace, you are welcome to attend these sessions through self-funding.

Would you like to attend one of our coaching sessions?

Ann Burton

Founder of The Academy of Coaching & Leadership

Ann’s Qualifications

  • Qualified Executive Coach with ILM, the UK’s largest provider of coaching training
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Business and Management (Maters Programme) – Manchester University
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education – Wolverhampton University
  • Certificate and Diploma in Management – Oxford Brookes University
  • BA First Class Honours Degree in Business and Management – Manchester University
  • MBTI, FIROB and SDI psychrometric tools – OPP
  • CIPD – University of Derby
  • NLP Practitioner

Popular Courses

ILM Level 5 Coaching & Mentoring

Ideal for managers with coaching and mentoring responsibilities, deepen your knowledge and refine your coaching skills.

ILM Level 3 Coaching & Mentoring

Start your coaching career by learning new practical skills and knowledge and become a confident workplace coach.

ILM Level 5 Award Leadership & Management

Develop your skills and experience, improve your performance, and prepare for senior management responsibilities.

ILM Level 3 Award Leadership & Management

Gain key management skills, build your leadership capabilities, and learn how to effectively motivate and engage teams.

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Ann Burton

Founder of The Academy of Coaching & Leadership

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