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Myers Briggs & Psychometric ‘Testing’

Helping You Understand Your People and Yourself

Myers Briggs, also known as an MBTI® assessment, is a globally accepted way of determining people’s personality types. There is a common misbelief that Myers Briggs is a ‘test’ – this is not the case; the correct term is ‘psychometric analysis’. As everyone is different, there is no wrong or right answer. As Myers Briggs is a type of psychological assessment, it can only be carried out by certified professionals, such as ourselves.

“Understanding ‘why’ you act in a certain way can help you adapt and be more flexible to different situations quicker and more efficiently in the future.”

When it comes to team development, an MBTI® assessment could help you improve your team dynamic by identifying why there are personality clashes between certain people. We would recommend sharing results with the whole team, so they can understand each other and start adapting to different personality types. You can also discover why someone is not performing in the way that you expect them to, which could result in creating a different kind of working environment. Other key benefits of the assessment include increasing performance and productivity levels, due to a deeper understanding of workplace relationships.

As a leader or manager, undergoing an MBTI® assessment could help you refine your leadership style, the way you manage your people, or even result in you choosing a completely different career path.

The MBTI® assessment looks at how you perceive your world, how you receive information, make decisions, and how you prefer your life to be structured. Following the assessment, your personality type will be expressed as a code, combining four of the following ‘preferences’ – Extraversion, Intraversion, Sensing, Intuition, Thinking, Feeling, Judging and Perceiving. For example – ESFP means your personality type is made up of Extraversion, Sensing, Feeling and Perceiving. These people are considered to be experiencing life to the full, they enjoy material comforts, and they find creative ways to meet their needs, and so on.

“Using my results to have a deeper understanding of my own personality, both in work and my personal life.”

As a universally known and well-respected psychological assessment, we believe that every business should consider the benefits of Myers Briggs. By gaining a greater understanding of your employee’s personality types, you can significantly improve team working relationships, advance careers, and develop your organisation.

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Ann Burton

Founder of The Academy of Coaching & Leadership

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Ann Burton

Founder of The Academy of Coaching & Leadership

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